Basketball Warmup Shirt Long Sleeve - Size charts
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1/2 Chest (cm)49.552.555.558.561.563.566.569.572.575.5
Back Length (cm)70.571.573.575.577.580.582.583.585.586.5
1/2 Chest (cm)49.552.555.558.561.564.567.570.573.5
Back Length (cm)63.565.567.569.571.573.575.577.579.5
1/2 Chest (cm)39.541.543.545.547.549.5
Back Length (cm)505259646668

Variations +/- 2cm
The sizing on the chart is the actual measurement of the garment itself.
When choosing your garment sizes, the best idea is to find a garment you currently have in a size that is comfortable. Then measure the garment across the chest then refer to our size chart - just choose a size the same measurement.